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Engineered Wood
(Wood Plastic Composite - WPC)
Engineered Wood (WPC) – The Alternative to Wood

Engineered Wood (WPC) are made from wood powder and recycled plastics along with other additives, making it a durable product that will last a long time. Engineered Wood is a growing industry and more people are starting to understand the benefits over wood including the environmental benefits of using Engineered Wood in their project. Innvobuild has a range of products that are superior to what you will find in the local market and at a very competitive price. Our products are supplied from UK and have been tested by independent bodies giving you a piece of mind that you are buying one of the best products out there.

Wood is a great natural product, however, due to certain environmental factors over a prolonged period of time, wood is not a suitable and sustainable product, and taking into consideration the maintenance cost associated with wood. Engineered Wood (WPC) takes the advantages and benefits of wood without the drawbacks and maintenance of wood, making it cheaper in the long run as it is a low maintenance product. Most of the western world has adapted to Engineered Wood and have implemented it in commercial projects due to durability, long life span and minimal up keep.

Why Choose Us?
Superior Design, Outstanding Quality, Affordability.

We, with our sound technological expertise and environment-friendly approach, all our products are perfect for interior / exterior design and furniture making, because of their Long Life, Low Maintenance, Good Dimensional Stability and Easy to Install features. Also, these are very cost-effective as developed by using the innovative technologies. Availability of design, colour and material is also an important aspect which creates a high level of user satisfaction.

Committed towards supplying the clients with their needs in a perfect manner, our company works with utmost diligence and perseverance to provide a highly innovative and precise product every time and also with strategies of transparent working policies, team of proficient experts & competitive pricing policy.